Gian Carlo Burlotto
The dream of our family has always been to take Barolo all around the world. At the beginning of the ‘900 Andrea Burolotto has begun to make it real with a passion for the vineyard and the Barolo that was sold in Piedmont and in the North of Italy. In the early decades of the century thanks to his work our roots are bound more and more to the territory of Verduno area suited for the production of Barolo. Four children have followed him in this adventure: Gian Carlo, Francesco, Giacomo e Sergio. We continue to believe in this precious fruit of the Langa, which comes from the Crü Massara, located in the Commune of Verduno, one of the best crü in the Barolo district.

In the 1970s Gian Carlo Burlotto specializes in work in the cellar, while the brothers follow the vineyards. We start to make wine under the name Andrea Burlotto. Thanks to their work, our Barolo continues to play an essential role in fairs, tasting events and in the new international markets.

Our winery today: in 2013 Gian Carlo Burlotto purchased the cellar and several vineyards, with his son Gianluca he has continued the story of the family with the brand Cascina Massara, an emblematic name with a strong tie to the Barolo wine.
Two factors characterize our winery: our tie with Verduno and our concept of wine.

The tie with Verduno is given by our family, which has always made wine here, in the very heart of the village. Our concept of wine is given by the union of perfumes and flavours of the grapes that we use for all our products. In the cellar wine comes to life: it is not just a drink, it is the fruit of a terroir which gives precious grapes. In order to improve our work and the quality of Barolo and of the other wines, in 2007 we moved to a new cellar, which was built according to modern standards, in order to guarantee high quality processing stages. It has two floors and is consists of a wine-making section, an ageing area, a bottling and stocking area.

Barolo ages in an underground area, where the naturally-conditioned climate preserves and improves its features. Our Barbera rests for two years before being marketed. The cellar is the place where wine comes to life, following natural processes only. Only in this way the perfumes and the flavours of the region can be enhanced and can make the difference for unique wines.
All our vineyards are grown on the hills of Verduno. Our ten hectares are cultivated mostly with Nebbiolo for Barolo vines, the heart of our property is crü Massara, which is considered one the best locations in the Barolo district.

Our Barolo is characterized by distinctive perfumes and flavours, as well as by mature and gentle tannins. This full-bodied and balanced wine can be enjoyed from its first years.

We also produce other quality wines such as Barbera, Dolcetto, Nebbiolo (for the Nebbiolo Langhe), Pelaverga and Favorita.

In the vineyards we try to obtain grapes that maintain “the essence of the terroir”: the clayish-calcareous soil is perfect to cultivate grapes rich in taste and perfume, which we will find again in the wine. Several works in the vineyards are made by hand, since our aim is to obtain high quality grapes starting from the very first stage of pruning.

We are among the eleven producers of Pelaverga, a wine made from an autochthonous vine with pleasant, mineral taste and perfume. Verduno Pelaverga is a Doc wine in which we believe, since it confirms that the terroir of Verduno can give several high quality wines, besides King Barolo, for the joy of wine lovers.
BAROLO: obtained from the grapes cultivated in the cru Massara, our Barolo is rich in perfumes and flavours, mature and gentle tannins. This full-bodied and balanced wine can be enjoyed from its first years. It is the greatest result of the terroir of Verduno.

LANGHE NEBBIOLO: a one-year ageing in wooden barrels makes our Langhe Nebbiolo a full-bodied wine that goes well with any meal.

BARBERA D’ALBA: natural perfumes and tastes for this Barbera, which is aged in stainless steel for two years. The result is a strong but balanced wine. We also produce a version with a one-year ageing in barrique barrels: the tannins are stronger to express more intensive flavours and perfumes.

DOLCETTO D’ALBA: this wine reaches its peak within the first three years. This full-bodied wine with fruity perfumes and aromas is very pleasant and goes well with any meal.

VERDUNO PELAVERGA: the uniqueness of this wine is expressed through its mineral notes, its lively and fragrant perfumes, characterized by white pepper notes, and through its velvety and balanced taste.

LANGHE FAVORITA: the sole white wine made by our winery. Gentle and fresh taste, with a fruity nose. Perfect for an aperitif and with any meal.

OUR GRAPPAS: our offer includes two different grappas. We produces a grappa of Pelaverga and a grappa of Barolo. The grappa of Pelaverga has a dry and strong taste, while the grappa of Barolo, thanks to its passage in wood barrels, is round, delicate and slightly sweet.