Fratelli Vogadori
It is said that you never really know a wine until you have tasted it in the place it was born. This is certainly true of wine tasting in Italy. Our Amarone winery offers the chance to sample wines among the vineyards where they are produced. The Fratelli Vogadori winery, with its exemplary range of wines, offers guided Valpolicella wine tasting experiences for both novice wine lovers and wine experts.
Wine tasting in Italy at the Fratelli Vogadori winery
As we all know wine can be enjoyed in many situations. With friends, with loved ones, at celebration and relaxation, but a guided wine tasting in the very place that the wine is produced remains a once in a lifetime experience that will become a cherished memory for those with a lust for life. A Valpolicella wine tasting will reveal new flavors, perfumes and emotions, transmitting the beauty of the land and vineyards directly from the bottle, to the glass and finally to your soaring senses.
Fratelli Vogadori
Via Vigolo, 16
37024 Negrar di Valpolicella (Verona)